Going Native

If you've been following my blog you will know we are now completing the build on our garage/studio.  I'm yet to post pics of the whole thing as there are still some finishing off jobs to do.  But in the meantime, the garden.

When I say garden, I'm talking about the two strips of dirt on the laneway at the rear and side.  Er, when I say dirt, I mean the muddle of builder's rubble, concrete and sand.  But rest assured, weeds will grow anywhere at this time of year, even in that unforgiving earth so something had to be done.   Having lived with reticulation to water the verges in our last house, and having spent every other weekend repairing it, for this place we vowed NO MORE RETIC and are totally wed to the idea of natives and succulents that can survive our harsh Perth climate without regular water.

There is a wonderful organisation called APACE not far from me who provide native tubestock at a fantastic price for ratepayers, to encourage the planting of indigenous native plants that don't require precious water and will survive the most gormless of gardeners.   I selected a bunch of stuff that I've seen growing in sand dunes, so it should survive our lane way.    Saltbush, grasses, that sort of thing.

Do you like the pole?  Supposed to stop lorries knocking the corners off fences.  It belongs to the Council I believe, but we decided it would look better painted like a packet of lifesavers.   I did concede and get a trailer load of decent soil to get it all going.  But I must say I do wince at paying for dirt, call me tight.

This is the other laneway side.  My plants look pretty puny at the moment, but I'm confident that they will grow fast and fill the lane with beautiful native shrubs, requiring no watering and stopping the weeds.

I'll put some succulent ground cover I've got out the front in soon too that I am propagating myself.  Ooh I do love a  cutting.

And as some inspiration, look at this beautiful succulent garden tucked away on a University campus nearby.  So sculptural, so drought tolerant.  It's growing in sand dear Watson.

But best of all was the sense of excitement planting all these and thinking about how it will all look in 12 months, which must surely be one of the best of many great things about gardening, that sense of looking forward to the future and wonder of nature doing its thing.   I just need to work on my patience now.


Retro Corner, or three

The lovely Lucy Violet Vintage and her posse have come up with the brilliant idea of getting people to post a pic of their favourite vintage home corner.    

After nearly three years of spending  most of our time in a sloping enclosed verandah, are we soon to be demolishing the back, and extending the original cottage.   So I thought I'd put in this corner, or rather three corners (clever huh) of the shotgun shack's dining room.  I say dining room, it is more a gap between the kitchen and bathroom.   We had some fun putting up random art to make it a bit interesting. 

Some days, but with decreasing frequency now, I feel sad to think that this space will soon cease to exist.  I do know that I will miss our original kitchen wallpaper you can see reflected.   What I won't miss, which if you look closely at the top of the dresser you can see,  is that the floor slopes at a good 10 degree angle.   Happy days.



We decided we needed a quick fix solution to some seating down in the new garage/chill out lounge.  Have haemorrhaged money for the past six months, 'budget' was the theme of the day when we went out looking.   There is a great Vinnies depot tucked away in an industrial area that I often pop into, so headed there, where we found this three piece suite.  It is in brilliant condition, teak, solid as with lovely mid century lines.  However someone in their wisdom decided to recover it not that long ago in this fairly ghastly fabric.  Which is a shame, and I did dither somewhat over it - can I look past the fabric? It was one of those borderline decisions.  But do you know what, for $90 for the lot, I reckon I can.   At least it is nice and clean.

If there was a 'most comfortable chair' parade, this would win hands down.

See, I told you it was ugly.
 We bought it home on top of the car and it is now our favourite new spot to hang.  I can't tell you how comfortable those chairs are, I park myself in one of those to watch the sunset and completely forget about all my chores.  Dinner did you say?  


Ephemera forever

I recently found a box of stuff  that I'd packed away when we moved house three years ago.  It is one of those boxes of things that have no obvious classification, purpose, place or value, but just can't be ditched.  Most of it is old packaging (did I tell you my parents never threw out anything?) that I just love looking at for the design, typography, and memories of years gone by.

Can you guess what this was?  You possibly looked  at it every day on the breakfast table.
That's right - pass the marge!
These look 60's to me, and all the candles are still contained therein.
Older than me I suspect.  Fifties?
Oh look, another paper bag!

How much did I spend on those cupie dolls?

Two bucks?  Five?

The rest of the items are random vintage items that I suspect will also end up back in the box and put away once more.  


What is this you ask?  I wondered myself, aha, take the lid off, pull it upwards and you have a nifty bakerlite travel cup.
Assorted ceramics.

Darts, anyone?

Most of these things I forgot I ever owned.  Which makes me think, or makes me think I should think, do I really need to keep them?  Probably not.  But in the meantime I'll put them back in the box until next time.  Except for the koala, that little guy might make it on the mantlepiece for a while.


Rubber's Made

Those that have been following my blog might remember my rubber flooring post, where I was drooling over this rubber product put down on the floor in the new garage studio.   After much dithering over colours, we resolved our decision making with a 'what the hell, let's have both' solution to the can't-decide-problem.

Work has been frenetic over the past two weeks to get the studio finished for Mother in Law's visit, and I reckon we are nearly there.  Still a long snagging list, but  I suspect that will take a long time to go away.   There's lots to show, but I wanted to just get up some pics of the rubber flooring.

What do you think?  I'm loving it!