We decided we needed a quick fix solution to some seating down in the new garage/chill out lounge.  Have haemorrhaged money for the past six months, 'budget' was the theme of the day when we went out looking.   There is a great Vinnies depot tucked away in an industrial area that I often pop into, so headed there, where we found this three piece suite.  It is in brilliant condition, teak, solid as with lovely mid century lines.  However someone in their wisdom decided to recover it not that long ago in this fairly ghastly fabric.  Which is a shame, and I did dither somewhat over it - can I look past the fabric? It was one of those borderline decisions.  But do you know what, for $90 for the lot, I reckon I can.   At least it is nice and clean.

If there was a 'most comfortable chair' parade, this would win hands down.

See, I told you it was ugly.
 We bought it home on top of the car and it is now our favourite new spot to hang.  I can't tell you how comfortable those chairs are, I park myself in one of those to watch the sunset and completely forget about all my chores.  Dinner did you say?  


  1. Those pieces have beautiful lines. There's always the option to reupholster someday in the future.

  2. $90, bargain! That orange throw shows how lovely a block colour would suit your lounge. Great find, lucky you.

  3. Who care's about the fabric?! That's easily fixed. (and anyway I think it looks quite cool in that lovely new space of yours - nothing like a bit of contrast!)
    What a bargain, and almost as nice (if not nicer?) than some of the stuff in that fancy place just up the road! (if we're talking/thinking the same industrial area?).

  4. These are very funky indeed! It will not be long before you can upgrade to a fabric of your own choice and it won't cost too much. The wood is in such great condition. Well done!

  5. Oh I have chair envy! Your in! I will update and welcome! x

    1. Thanks Pippa, ooh a new club I can be a member of, I feel like an 11 year old all over again.


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