Ephemera forever

I recently found a box of stuff  that I'd packed away when we moved house three years ago.  It is one of those boxes of things that have no obvious classification, purpose, place or value, but just can't be ditched.  Most of it is old packaging (did I tell you my parents never threw out anything?) that I just love looking at for the design, typography, and memories of years gone by.

Can you guess what this was?  You possibly looked  at it every day on the breakfast table.
That's right - pass the marge!
These look 60's to me, and all the candles are still contained therein.
Older than me I suspect.  Fifties?
Oh look, another paper bag!

How much did I spend on those cupie dolls?

Two bucks?  Five?

The rest of the items are random vintage items that I suspect will also end up back in the box and put away once more.  


What is this you ask?  I wondered myself, aha, take the lid off, pull it upwards and you have a nifty bakerlite travel cup.
Assorted ceramics.

Darts, anyone?

Most of these things I forgot I ever owned.  Which makes me think, or makes me think I should think, do I really need to keep them?  Probably not.  But in the meantime I'll put them back in the box until next time.  Except for the koala, that little guy might make it on the mantlepiece for a while.


  1. I'd keep them too, why don't margarine tubs look nice any more? My Dad has a number of mint condition old dollar notes squirreled away somewhere.

  2. I knew it was an old marge container. Recognised it straight away! Is it Flora?

    1. Probably was Flora Kylie, but does not say on the container, that would have been on the lid. See that is the difference between now and the good old days, when they MADE everyday margerine containers with a view to them being kept and reused as an attractive sorting container for your bookshelf. Which of course my father dutifully did, for some years.


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