The world does not need more bad pots

For the past two years I've been dabbling in a bit of pottery, I may have mentioned it.  Starting out with a beginners class at Perth Studio Potters, I've now nearly finished a semester of Cermaics at TAFE.   It is quite different at TAFE, all about the skill and art in pottery, rather than the craft.  Oh yes, there is a difference.

I've made lots of really bad pots.  But this is not one of them.  This one was charmed from the moment it centred on the wheel like a breeze, to when it came out of the kiln from it's glaze firing.

I won't bother putting up any pictures of the dud pots.   As the wonderful Bela tells us constantly at TAFE, the world does not need more bad pots.

This week I had to buy a wedding present for some girls who are tieing the knot.  Perth Potters have a great gallery open on Saturday mornings where you can buy amazing pieces for snip made by people with far more experience, skill and creativity than I will ever have.

They gave me a copy of this when I was there and I've been enjoying living the history of ceramics in our little town.  For over 50 years a group of passionate and dedicated ladies (mostly ladies) have kept the craft alive in Perth.

It is full of lots of shots like this, god bless.   Another collared shirt on fetching jumper, you might remember the look, from the eighties.  I know I do, I had plenty of both.

Going back a bit further to the sixties, look at the ladies down on their hands and knees laying crazy paving out the back of the studio, no old jeans for these dames!

By loveliest of all are the stories of passion and pleasure gained from the process of mastering a craft, and constantly adding to the skills and ideas that take a lifetime to gather to be a truly great potter.   I hope I'm still throwing pots when I'm in my eighties.  Now that's something to aspire to.


  1. That is truly a beautiful pot. I hope everyone maximizes the image and looks closely at that gorgeous glaze. Well done!

  2. Well done, Patsy, I'm so impressed!!! Love that gorgeous shape, it really makes me want to touch it! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work:-)

  3. Oh I know this feeling , Patsy. When it's a dud you know from the outset and nothing can rescue it from the brink. That green one is quite lovely. What is that glaze. I am about to order some for school and may pop that one on the list. Do you know there are several electric wheels just a few metres from my office. It's been as many years as my eldests' age but you have tempted me to have a stab. Could be a bit "Ghost" I fear. Brisbane potters just had one of these shows at the Botanical Gardens. I missed it as I was driving someone somewhere again but my friend got some very beautiful porcelain. Next time...

    1. Thanks, I'm happy if I've inspired you. The glaze is just called 'sea green' in our glazing room, I have no idea what the recipe is... I also dipped it in another blue colour on one side so there are a few layers there. Naturally I will have no hope of repeatign the outcome, thus is the frustrating nature of glazing.

  4. Your pot is absolutely beautiful Patsy, both in shape and colour. Keep it up as the world definitely needs more good pots! mel x


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