'Bring out your dead'.  It's that time again, when the good people of my suburb put their unwanted items for collection by the council.   Many a time have I slowed to a crawl by the verge to peruse for any top finds.  The problem is I'm far too self conscious to get out and start picking over my neighbours' detritis, so have to restrict any hunting and gathering to nightfall or the backstreets.  Not so one of my dear friends, who is out shamelessly combing the streets for the entire week and comes home with some top booty.  She knew I collected mid century European cermics and came over with this ... "isn't this like the stuff you like?"

Oh indeed Mrs.  It is a Bitossi ashtray and would set me back at least fifty bucks were I to acquire it from a dealer. 

And look how well it goes with my other Bitossi.
It looks even more at home with a bunch of keys contained within, with a nod to the seventies and some free loving.

Happy days!