Rubber's Made

Those that have been following my blog might remember my rubber flooring post, where I was drooling over this rubber product put down on the floor in the new garage studio.   After much dithering over colours, we resolved our decision making with a 'what the hell, let's have both' solution to the can't-decide-problem.

Work has been frenetic over the past two weeks to get the studio finished for Mother in Law's visit, and I reckon we are nearly there.  Still a long snagging list, but  I suspect that will take a long time to go away.   There's lots to show, but I wanted to just get up some pics of the rubber flooring.

What do you think?  I'm loving it! 


  1. The floor looks absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't have been able to eliminate either of those colors, so you came up with the perfect solution.

  2. Oh for crying OUT LOUD!! I LOVE IT!!! I would love to know all the gory details because that's the sort of flooring I would love to think I would one day use. I'm usually a stickler for cork floors, but these rubber surfaces look brilliant.

    Easy to clean? Hard to scuff? Nice underfoot? The whole shebang. Spill.

    Love what you've done. Seriously.

  3. That stuff is amazing! What MMMC said AND it doesn't shatter stuff. Its so clever marking a kitchen space with colour.
    My cousin had it in their very flash bathroom in the 70's and I thought it was the coolest thing since her Bay City Roller outfit! Is it just the Bunnings one or have you gone for the real deal? On line or local? Did you lay it yourself? I am getting this for the boys' scungy bathroom in football lint grey!

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  5. Totally, utterley love it Patsy.
    We are just about to do the last bit of our renos, which means a decision on the back part of the house. All I know is I do not want floorboards. I thought I wanted concrete, but now I'm wavering...let me know how it goes Patsy (same questions as Carmel) I hope you don't mind being my guinea pig, or think I'm cheeky? We have two bathrooms and a laundry to do before the floor so I've got plenty of time to make a decision, but I want to start costing it out. I love the dark grout in your subway tiles. I chickened out and went with white in our kitchen because I thought the grey would look wrong with our 80's oak cabinets. I know! Yuk! - but they're staying:(. Anyway I'm rambling, any feebck appreciated.

  6. Thanks Kylie, MMMC and Annie! Glad you approve. To answer, so far easy to clean and any scuffs come off with a touch of meths. Nice and soft and good for dunderclumpens like me that drop stuff all the time. It was not cheap, $80AUS laid per metre, which I thought seemed like a lot, but actually when you compare it to $170 for new wood floors per metre and $70 for lino or laminate, seemed OK. All building is expensive, aghhhh The company that laid it here in WA are called Floorwise and the product is called Polyflor Saar Floor Noppe Stud Tile. Maybe you could lay it yourself, but the floor needs to be quite well sanded and flat. It is apparently not ideal for very wet areas, so maybe not so good for a bathroom with a shower, better for high traffic areas etc. But check with the rep.

    Yes grey grout has been a winner, I was a bit unsure but so far so good. Will post some more pics of the bathroom soon, also grey grout. My theory is it is gonna go mouldy eventually so why not beat the mould to it and start with grey!

  7. My feelings entirely on the grey grout/mould scenario Patsy.
    (thanks for the info on your awesome floor)


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