Verge Victory

There is surely no thrill so great as a top verge find.  A few times a year our local council collects virtually anything from outside houses, and some wonderful treasures can be found.  I'd just bought a new TV for our soon-to-be-completed studio, and was subconsciously thinking about having to get some sort of unit for it to sit upon.  Which are universally hideous pieces of furniture, I find.

Driving along yesterday I did the old drive-by double take at a pile of teak coloured furniture.  U-turn.  A few broken pieces, around this - what do you know - TV unit.   Lovely simple mid-century styling, and jackpot, it's a Parker.  A helpful jogger helped me heave it into the back the car.  What loot!  What booty!

What is funny is that when I googled 'Parker Furniture History' I found.... Kylie's blog post on the very same topic!  Parker produced iconic top-end furniture in the mid-century decades in Australia.  This dealer has some lovely pieces, price on application.  I'm loving the no price applied my piece.

Isn't she a cracker?!  Some backyard restoration is underway, one small split that needs gluing.   I'll give it a bit of a wax and polish but apart from that leave as is.   Some days life really is worth living.


  1. You lucky duck!
    (I'm bawling my eyes out!)
    How about styling it up (plonking something nice on top) and posting it in out linky?

    p.s. if you do take your kiddos to John Forrest and they've got bikes, take them - lot's of nice wide dusty tracks for them to ride on (they can ride along the old railway track and through the tunnel. Spooky!)

    p.p.s. how cool is that Parker label?!

  2. What a lucky find! Congratulations on your fabulous new TV stand.

  3. Wow,lucky you and how nice that someone helped you put it in your car. It was meant for you!

  4. Well done, I love a good find....even better if its free! :) x


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