Down Time

I try to include some point of worth in my blogposts, but this might just be a post and some pics about the simplicity and pleasure of downtime.   Taking time to smell the roses, or the bush in our case.

I'm not a parent who lives for school holidays, honestly speaking I find having my kids in my personal space 24/7 hard going, but then again I do love the break from making lunches and pestering about homework, dragging out of bed etc.  Sometimes you have to look for the tiny things that come from down time.  These holidays it was Boggle and Uno - in a holiday house with no wifi we had to revert to non digital entertainment.   And with no dishwasher, the kids did the washing up.  Which was kinda nice.

Thankfully we were never too far from good coffee, which came with some old school gaming thrown in.

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