Retro Corner, or three

The lovely Lucy Violet Vintage and her posse have come up with the brilliant idea of getting people to post a pic of their favourite vintage home corner.    

After nearly three years of spending  most of our time in a sloping enclosed verandah, are we soon to be demolishing the back, and extending the original cottage.   So I thought I'd put in this corner, or rather three corners (clever huh) of the shotgun shack's dining room.  I say dining room, it is more a gap between the kitchen and bathroom.   We had some fun putting up random art to make it a bit interesting. 

Some days, but with decreasing frequency now, I feel sad to think that this space will soon cease to exist.  I do know that I will miss our original kitchen wallpaper you can see reflected.   What I won't miss, which if you look closely at the top of the dresser you can see,  is that the floor slopes at a good 10 degree angle.   Happy days.


  1. OMG! How can I top those comments?! Ha-ha! I bet you've left them there for their commedy factor? (well, I think they're v.funny anyway)

    I reckon you'll miss your wonky shack. Will you still have a random art wall in your new digs? Or will the pressure be on to go all uber-styish and fancy?
    I'm looking forward to seeing it all unfold. You've got some gorgeous treasures Patsy, so I know, uber or granny, it'll be lovely.

    Thanks for joing in our linky. Adwokat's glad too.

  2. great shot...and I adore that sideboard! x

  3. Fab sideboard. I wish you had gone as overboard as me, I would like to see loads more of your house!! xo

  4. I love a good sloping floor. We had one in our first house that we used to race those joke eyeballs along.
    The sideboard is a keeper!


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