That's Glassy

Ho hum.  Ever feel a bit like that?   I find a spot of op-shopping always perks me up and restores my will to leave the house, so off I set. Yesterday I got me to Anglicare with a mission, to find a nice big glass vessel of some sort to make a table centrepiece incorporating candles, shells and sand.  Again, not original, but a lovely afternoon spent at the beach chilling in the winter sun on Sunday inspired me.

My mother has a ceramic 'vase' like this which she uses to display flowers like camellias that don't have stems.  It was three bucks, fits the bill and I love it already.  Tick.

But wait, what is this I spy?

A lovely set of six tumblers.

I need more glasses like a hole in the head.

Sixties, seventies?

Fifty cents each, how could I not?!

They are lovely and fine, which tumblers are often not.
One even has the label still affixed.  I'll bet they were stowed in a glass fronted cabinet and kept for best for the best part of forty years.

I was curious to know about 'Panzerglas - Made in Spain'...

I was expecting to find a glass factory, but no, results delivered pictures of glass used in German WWII Panzer Tanks.  WTF?   Panzerglas make industrial strength, indeed bulletproof glass.  To this day.  I did find one site that looks like a kind of Spanish eBay which has similar glasses to mine for sale.  But they don't look very bulletproof.

Sometimes a peripheral pleasure in collecting old domestic junk can be found by delving into its provenance.  Gives my op-shopping therapy a bit more meaning anyway, which is good enough for me.


  1. I'm so with you on this one. Op shopping gives me a little lift when I'm morose. The thrill of the chase and the quickening of the heart as your eyes hit a gem. I'm getting to them less which is good as we have run out of space but now I have found a little Sunday oppy to meet my needs. Heaven!

  2. Yes I agree a little wander through the oppies is so good for ones soul. Finding some treasure is a little bonus too.


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