I just love that understated architectural style that was mid century design in the sixties.  Detail and decoration were nestled in a distinct coma, in between curvy lines in the fifties, and seventies look-at-me chic.   Sixties buildings can look a bit nothing and shabby now, but when you see a good solid example you just know it needs to be appreciated.   This house is also good example.

I'm still trying to find out the date of this school sports pavilion, but I'm guessing it was mid sixties.  I just love its cool pale materials and elegant lines.    Hey, this is the second post I've written about sport-associated buildings.  That's weird.  But they are interesting, because they are often buildings that are not heavily invested in, so it is interesting to see how 'cheap' structures were designed in years gone by. 

On a sunny winter afternoon, even I could be convinced to sit here through a rugby game.
If this ever gets demolished god forbid, I'm first in line for the clock.
Perfectly positioned to face East away from the afternoon sun.
I'd say that sign is original, love that font.
Back int the days when your station meant something, a prime parking spot.  The old sign writing, I wonder why the newer plaques were removed?
There was a lot of this.
That bench sure ain't going anywhere.  


  1. Where is this place? I'm pushing in front of you for that clock!

  2. That clock is fantastic. I'm joining the fray to see who takes it home.


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