Bits and Pieces

Some strange blog gremlin deleted this post which I was positive I posted.  So tedious rewriting, but rewrite I must.

When we dug up the back yard to build the garage studio, I collected up all the old china and glass that surfaced.  Such was the common practice, to bury your rubbish in the garden in times gone by.  I was going to plug some of into the concrete floor when it was poured, but somehow it did not feel like the right thing to do.  So I thought I'd create something to hang on the wall instead.

This is what I started off with.  The hardest thing was working out how to get it all to stick hard enough to be hung and not slide off.  

A good half hour cruising the adhesives isle of the hardware shop and I came home with a tube of silicone.  Which worked a treat.

I'd love to say this was all my original creative genius at work but alas, I shamelessly pilfered the idea from this wonderful exhibition I went to a few weeks back, with beautiful artworks all around the theme of flowers, using a huge range of materials.  Here is the link to the project, Fingers and Petals.  Aren't they stunning.

I think it came together pretty well.

Some friends dropped in for a cuppa and tried to press upon me some of their own broken crockery, but I politely declined.  All elements MUST be sourced from our little plot.  It is a bit like keeping a record of  the DNA of our home.

I had this box frame for another abandoned art project (what, you mean you don't have any of those?) which is perfect for it.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful and an incredibly clever way to preserve the history of your house. I'm always so impressed with the creativity of others.

  2. What a lovely momento to all the cuppas drunk at your place over the years Patsy.

  3. I'd decline outside foreign elements too, how could they be better than all those goodies found at your place? Your collection is much more impressive than what we've found here. Love your artwork, I'd never have thought of doing that.

  4. Somebody who lived at your house was a butterfingers! Nevertheless it has come into your hands and that is a very quirky way of displaying it all. Much better than keeping it in a jar under the house for years!


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