Yo-yo for babies

My half-sister is having another baby, the last of the generation I'm fairly certain.  She is quite far off centre on the hippy spectrum, which I love her for.  A month back I received an envelope in the post asking me to decorate a flag, part of a concept called The Blessing Circle where friends and family contribute to a prayer flag for the baby's room, or other creative gift ideas.

I've been making yo-yos with some friends over the last year.  We've yo-yod camping, over wine, during music lessons, you name it. They have found their way to decorate bags, cushions, hair elastics. Naturally I like to make them out of vintage fabrics and sheets, of which I have no shortage.  So here is my flag, with some of my yo-yos mounted on some antique lacey cotton.

Each contribution is supposed to convey a message of some sort.... three times tables?  The joy of up-cycling?  Whatever, I think it is a lovely idea.


  1. That's beautiful! I know your sister will love it.

  2. I think your your yo-yos are au go-go!

  3. Hi, thanks for following and welcome to my blog!:) You've got a great one too:)

  4. Was also meant to say - great to find another Perthian!:) If you have a bunch of friends who want to head out to the hills for a creative studio trip let me know:)


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