Number's Up

House numbers are a bit like lipstick, you put them up to look inviting and enhancing.  But of course they also perform a vital role of helping people muttering to themselves as they crawl down the street in their cars at night about how no one ever has proper house numbers.

We were one such offender, and in the past week our new house number installation has been born.  When the brickies started work out the back they built a small 'test wall' to see how the three blended brick varieties would look.   Chucking the mini-wall in the skip seemed sinful and wasteful, so we decided to turn it into a feature wall out the front for some new house numbers.

Here is the wall.  The jury is still out as to whether it works aesthetically in front of our wood and wire fencing, but it's recycling so who cares.  The letterbox sourced from the tip is enjoying the company anyhow.

I found these metal numbers which are made in India, perfect.  The trouble was, as they were hollow, affixing them to the wall posed a bit of challenge. 


Husband had bright idea of filling them with expanding foam.  Whoah there, enough expanding already!

Here is the finished product.  Cost not a lot, but looks pretty darn groovy in my opinion.  Now people can at least find number 38 and work backwards.


  1. I like your numbers Patsy and your yellow letter box (it looks like one of those cool really expensive ones - no-one would pick it was from the tip)

    p.s. we discovered that foam stuff everywhere when we started renovating our house. Every little gap, nook and cranny had been filled with it.

  2. Thanks! Ten bucks from the tip shop, plus a can of yellow spray paint. You might become a foam convert, covers a multitude of sins... draughts.... etc.

  3. Your numbers look great! I love large house numbers. We recently put up some about that size too.


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