I've been promising myself for ages that when I stopped working I would do pottery classes, and this week I've come through with the goods.  Today I did my first beginners class at Perth Studio Potters, where I've been buying presents for years.    I wish I could say these were the fruits of my labour, but are in fact a (small) selection of the items I have gifted to myself from PSP.

For peanuts you can buy beautiful handmade items from their gallery (open Saturday mornings), and now that I've had a go at making a bowl on the wheel, I can tell you the quality of their wares on sale are bloody outstanding for the price.

For over two hours I was completely absorbed in clay and tableware design, with not a thought to housewifery duties or other random pointless concerns.

But what did occur to me, was the complete mismatch between the amount of time absorbed by art, and relative financial value of its results.  In fact this is probably the whole point of most art and craft, is that there is no monetary value in the end product 99% of the time, just the enormous pleasure of the creative process, to be banked.    I won't be giving up my day job though....  er, if I had one.

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  1. I thought the wonky bowl had become quite fashionable of late.
    Flaunt it!


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