To pool or not to pool?

Today the forecast in Perth is for 42 degrees.   When some very nice English people went back to the UK last year, they left us with their HUGE above ground pool purchased for the duration of their nine month stay here.   While we were away our lovely house sitter went through the faff of putting it up and now we have the pleasure of resort living in our building site.  It's great.  The clothes line abutting the side  is a particularly classy touch.

On a sunday like this we are in and out of it like a fiddler's elbow.

The master plan for our house does include a pool, but the jury is still well and truly out.  The dollars required to put it in, the cost of power, chemicals etc ad infinitum, the environmental downsides are just a few of the negatives to putting in a pool.  We're told too that one the kids get to about 15 they will probably not be interested in this expensive feature, and we will spend our good money and time maintaining it.  And it's not like you can wheel it out and put it on Gumtree once the appeal fades, like some impulse buy boat or vehicle.  

Personally, I'm erring on the side of a spa.  All I really want to do is get in, get wet, sit on my backside for a while and then get out.  A big one mind you, party size.  And the thought of cranking up the heat and bubbles on a winter's evening after a run is also pretty attractive.  Any thoughts people?  Is it a bit too Kath and Kim?  In the meantime, I'm off to google spa pools....


  1. I had a spa at my last house and loved sitting in it in the winter. The downside was that during the summer, even with the spa turned off, the water got so hot that we couldn't use it. Of course, it gets up to 110 F here (43 C) and sometimes stays over 100 for weeks.

    All my friends' kids used their pools constantly till they left for college. They'd have their friends over constantly in the summer, and their parents liked that they could supervise the goings-on and cut down on the amount of time the kids spent in their cars.

    1. Thanks Dana, yes I have also heard that about keeping kids at home with the lure of a pool. I'm still dithering!

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  2. When you live somewhere hot, they will always get in. Or you could do what we did and keep having babies to use it .
    Cheaper just to put the pool in really!

  3. Get a spa Patsy. That's what we're going to do. Our last house had it's original (gorgeous) concrete kidney shaped pool. We thought we'd made it when we moved in! Ha-ha! It cost us a fortune to run, and even with a cover, so much time cleaning. By the time the girls were 15 (even younger probably) it rarely got used. I'd still jump in to cool off, but that was about it, and my dreams of sipping cocktails while sitting in a banana lounge next to it, remained just that. It really became a great big money guzzling, water wasting white elephant!

  4. Thanks Kylie, see above for contrary views, but my gut is with you... I'm sure it will look lovely but not nice enough to justify the expense. My only concern with spa is that in this weather it will be warm, oof!


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