Oh my edifice

Following on from my brick obsession, I thought it was time to update on the garage studio building work.   Returning from six weeks away, some bricklaying progress sure has been made.  With 40 degree plus temperatures over much of this time, these guys have my major respect.  Their craft is pretty good too, never let it be said that there is no skill in brickworkery, there is loads.  Now they are building the second story they need a lift to get the bricks up to that height.   Of course they do you say.

But the transition between a plan on a piece of paper and an actual real structure is something to be amazed by.  Dimensions on piece of paper are just concepts, really.  Now it is going up, it just seems so...... big!  A veritable edifice!

Here is the lift.  And plenty more bricks to still travel upwards.  They look great, and definitely the mid-century look we were after.  This will appear even more so once the shaped facade goes in at the top.

But like most things in life it is the unexpected that gives the greatest joy.  Building in between two existing old trees has seemed to impart an instant sense of being settled, hopefully like it has always been there.  Can't wait to get in.


  1. They're doing such a great job. I can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  2. Thanks Dana, I may well be at risk of being a renovation bore in 2013....!


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