A while back husband arrived home one day with this set of six mid-century dining chairs.  There is a bit of a story here, as we had a set when we lived in England that belonged to his Grandmother, but had to leave them there (can't remember why now).  So a nostalgia buy, yes.  A bargain?  No.  Practical?  Not at all.  The string bases constantly come apart and unravel, and have to be repaired, ideally by someone who knows what they are doing.

What to do?    I've not done any sewing for a while but this problem calls for one thing, covers.  These could stop any further unravelling and also guard against sticky fingers that will seek out the nearest furniture surface rather than find a napkin.    I consult my vintage fabric cache and find this set of 70's curtains in a heavy drill cotton that will do just fine.  Some plain olive green is good for the backing.  

These cheap chair cushions from Ikea are ideal for inserts to make them a bit comfier.  It takes a few goes to get the pattern right, but after one dud, I've nailed it 

How do I look?! Now I just need to make four more...


  1. What a good idea! Do they attach with Velcro?

  2. They look good. I have to do a similar job to similar chairs with a similar provenance. You've reminded me if have to do the inevitable.

  3. Dana I nearly took a photo of the underside for those interested in such details! No, I've sewed cotton tape on each eight corners and tied them up underneath.

  4. Hi Patsy, I love what you've done with those chairs (great fabric) I am thinking of doing a similar thing to our Parkers to cover their carpet-like upholstery without wrecking it.

    Thank you for that succulent link, it did make me giggle. We lived near the area she pinched her cuttings from when we lived in Melbourne. I've added a link to it on my blog (and to yours).

    Maybe we can trade cuttings one day...


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