First World Dilemma

I've always loved that raised stud rubber flooring.  Maybe it was in my 70's kindergarten so there's some deep subconscious longing for life-before-it-got-complicated-attachment going on, but for whatever reason I've often hankered to have it somewhere in my home.  The garage/studio is taking shape and it is time to start doing some fun stuff, like choosing fittings etc.  I spent yesterday selecting a lavatory, which was perversely enjoyable.  I had to fight the urge to sit on them in the showroom, because let's face it, you need to know what it feels like to perch on.   I wonder if people actually do that?  I really wanted to.

The floor in the studio is now looking for some covers, and I believe the opportunity for stud rubber flooring may be upon me.   Unfortunately, and contrary to my naive assumption otherwise, it is not cheap.   But looking at other options such as vinyl and pretend wood (blagh), there's really no contest.    In case  you don't know what I'm talking about,  here is an example.

So I've found a supplier, had the measure up and now waiting for the quote, gulp.  But in the meantime there's another job to do that is choose the colour.  Now this is where life really does get complicated.  Here is the colour palate:

Limestone Green and Cool Blue are nice  but look like a dental surgery.  Steel is a tyre showroom.  Red is a children's hospital ward.   I thought I'd pretty much honed in on Deep Blue (third from the bottom, left) but fortunately the rep had left me a sample which we've been road testing today in the kitchen.  The dog has been kindly helping.  And let me tell you I don't like what I see.  Shows every greasy smear and crumb.   Would you want to be cleaning that?

So I'm now thinking the light grey ('Mercury' to those on first name terms) might be the go. But is it too airport terminal?   

The one I would really like, truth be told, is orange.  However on this 39 degree day I'm not (pardon the anti-pun) warming to an orange floor. 

Such dilemmas.  Then I feel guilty about thinking that it matters so much, when we have a solid floor and watertight roof in which to dwell.  Maybe some time in a shanty would fix that, or at least a thought to what life would be like to live in one, to appreciate how lucky we are.  


  1. I absolutely love it! Great choice. I don't even own a home and now I'm planning on buying a few square metres! I like tradition black or the dark grey. Whatever you choose will be covered (i'm guessing by furniture etc?) Def. go for something neutral. I am really excited about this!!

  2. I think that stuff is so cool! Stacey at The Goode House is thinking about using it in her workout room. I agree that we agonize to a ridiculous degree over every detail of our homes, which is truly a first world problem. I decided that I don't like the cabinet pulls I bought for my new apartment, and I've spent the entire day online trying to find replacements, so I empathize with your flooring woes.

  3. Thanks bloggers, I think so too! I'll let you know how the decision making progresses...

  4. Me too. I love it. I've always loved it. I looked into buying it in Perth and could only find a wholesaler in the Eastern States (you must be better at looking than me) Anything decent costs money, so you might as well go for it. I like that old school linoleum myself, and that costs a bomb too. Why is that?
    You'd have to be brave to go for orange, but how wonderful! I'm imagining it in a very simple and otherwise white bathroom. Perfecto! Dark floor always look lovely, but it does show every speck of dust (and dog hair!). I don't think Mercury is too airport terminally. I like it.
    If you ever want to try on a shanty for size - I'll send you our address!

  5. I must admit it was the orange which jumped out at me. Which is surprising because I'm not really an orange person, but it is quite joyful isn't it? I agree with Kylie, anything decent costs money, so you might as well go for what you love. But those big decisions, like flooring are the hardest...good luck!! :)


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