It has been busy busy out the back this week, with progress on the garage studio ramping up to a cracking pace.   Yesterday was insane, with the cabinet maker spitting the dummy when the plasterers got in his way, who we needed there so the tiler could come next week.   I've decided the real skill in building is largely in scheduling a bunch of uppity men and their egos.

The glass went in today, exciting, so felt like the right time for an update post.

Sitting on the corner of two laneways, there's easy access which puts a smile on the tradies faces.  Can't wait for the round window to go in, which we salvaged about ten years ago from an old power station in the UK.  

This is the rear/side view, sliding doors.  The garage space is quickly morphing from somewhere to put cars, to be a general games-room-hang-out-space.  Great, except now I'll need to find somewhere else to park the car.


We've had these salvaged ship's doors for years, which go on the loo and shower room.  The Ikea kitchen was fitted this week, now shrouded in cardboard while a bunch of clumsy blokes bang around her for another month.  (Did I mention I've been to Ikea three times this week?  And that's a week that included a public holiday.  I kid you not.)

This long thin window looks out through the Jacaranda tree.

Upstairs, still lots to do here.

 Downstairs the guys fitting the sliding glass doors.  Note the lovely sanded concrete floor,
which was a weekend of hard work for us.

This bit felt like an episode of Grand Designs.  One pane of glass, three men, a huge sigh of relief.

Of course husband has gone quite OTT with the details for which is swiftly turning into a mancave to beat all mancaves.   Once finished, the plan is that we will all move in and live here (partitions downstairs to make some bedrooms) while we take the back off the old house and extend it.  If there's any money left, that is.


  1. Grand Designs INDEED! It's awesome Patsy. Far too lovely for cars. It looks a bit like an old shop front cum castle from the front. I love the old ship doors (brilliant to find a place for something you've been saving for years), and I can't wait to see it when you've got it all kitted out.

    p.s. don't envy those trips to the dreaded ikea and what are you going to do with the floor? Did you decide to go with that rubber, round treaded stuff?

    1. Thanks! Yes, the rubber flooring got the go ahead and it will be one quarter orange, the rest grey. Will keep you posted, as they say, with progress.

  2. Hi Patsy, so glad you commented, it's a treat to pop over to another blog dealing with inter-marital renovation disputes! Although it seems as though he won with that masterpiece of a mancave. Those curved walls are gorgeous, reminds me of the facade of a 50's cinema. Look forward to seeing your progress. mel x

  3. That is seriously the grooviest garage I have ever seen! The lines on that facade are too good to be true. I really like the idea of the rubber flooring. Where did you find it. I may have urgent need of such a thing! If I can get my renovating man child to agree!

    1. Hi Annie, the product is called PolyFlor Noppe Stud Tile, we are getting it from a company called Floorwise, but I'm thinking others also stock it. There are a few other similar products on the market, search rubber stud floor tiles. Apparently this is one on of the (choke) cheaper ones. But then by the time you fit nasty carpet tiles or laminated wood, it is not far off.... I've done a post all about rubber flooring earlier, First World Dilemma. x

  4. What a gorgeous curved front,love the ship's doors, wow!!!


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