In Miniature

Oh dear, I've turned into one of those ghastly mothers that do their kids' school projects for them.  Well sort of.   Our primary school run an annual 'sculpture by the school' competition and in previous years my kids have not got their act together in time to make one.   Not this year.  This year their mother said bugger it, I want to make a sculpture and you shalt be my beard, daughter.    It is our school centenary this year so there is a strong vintage groove happening around the place.  Our little cottage is nearly as old as the school, so we (ahem, I) had the idea to make a model of our house, using only materials salvaged from around and under the house.  We have heaps.   A few bits of dolls house furniture made it in too.

Daughter did grudgingly stick on a few bits of china and arrange a bit of furniture, to give that authentic  child touch.   We started with the old rotting wooden letter box and worked from there...

Coke can (water tank) that needs a can opener to open, who would have believed that.

A surfboard shaped piece of broken china, which I confess was her idea.

The family that lived in our house from the time it was built in 1917 until we moved in a few years ago were Catholic, so there was no shortage of religious ephemera.

I was foolishly concerned that our entry was so good it might win, which would be highly embarrassing, but I need not have worried.  When we took it in and checked out the competition, the standard was amazing.  There are some damned creative parents, I mean kids, out there.


  1. Clearly you get all your talent from your daughter and vice versa! A collaborative effort is certainly fair enough given some parents seem outsource their kids' projects of late.

  2. What a fantastic way to use all the little treasures you have found.

  3. Haha,love the house! I think the only projects no3 son finishes are the ones we've had to slave over with him, so much for this self learning thing. Love the ye old coke can.

  4. Gosh I'd hate to see the competition! All the other Mummies and Daddies must've been really busy too! I think your entry (I mean your daughter's!) is terrific.


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