Husband has recently returned from a trip to India (what an understanding wife he has) motorcycling around Rajistan.   As an ex-salesman he loves being sold to, so was never going to be coming home empty handed.  I was told to expect a parcel, which arrived the day after his return.   I just had to photograph this package before we opened it.  Here is why:

I just love the hessian (hey, two blog posts in one week that incorporate the word hessian) wrapping and hand stitching.  It reminds me of a haggis.   The use of natural materials and a little bit of handicraft to prepare something to travel the miles just seems so other world.    Oh, if you're wondering what was inside, it was a lovely rug, but I was so taken with the parcel presentation I forgot to photograph that.

Of course there were some other gifts, a beautiful cotton bed cover, and Maharaja puppet.  Turn him upside down and you will find his wife. 

He also decided to buy me some clothes, sweet, but risky, and yes a bit on the ethnic side for my taste.  Not that I'm complaining, all presents gratefully received.  

So next time you're buying a jiffy bag, think about wrapping up your present in some old fabric and throwing in a few stitches, I know it put a smile on my face.

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  1. We had the husband bring home a similar rug bundle from Nepal at Christmas. I was a little worried about what was in it under the Christmas tree. Personally, I'd have preferred the bedspread! It's a cracker!


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