Show Off

I braved the storeroom today to make space for more stuff and had a quick rummage through my bags of vintage textiles.   They are such precious relics of design that infiltrated everyday domestic life and provided the images and colours that fill so many memories.    I've been sourcing mid-century fabric, bed linen, table linen, curtains etc for probably about ten years, and have an insanely large pile of it all.  Sometimes I use pieces, but mostly I can't bear to cut it.  I often I just have to go and give it a stroke.   Anyway, I thought I'd photograph some of the fabric and share it with anyone out there that might like this sort of stuff (you know who you are).

Here is a small taste.   And this is just the fabric bag.  Most of the pieces below are barkcloth, so with that lovely grainy texture.  I did not get near the tablecloths, tea towels and bed sheets.  Enjoy!

Unfortunately this piece is not very big, but divine nonetheless.

So fresh, so flowery.

This is a corker, the grey shadow behind solid colour was a popular motif in the fifties.

There were lots of designs that incorporated food in the sixties, I remember wallpaper a bit like this.

 Still life?

How can I ever cut this, I mean really.

 Another wonderful fifties abstract piece, currently curtains.

I'm a bit over this as I have had it up as a pair of curtains, but is now back in the bag.

 Illustrative designs were popular for kids' curtains in days gone by, seemed to be lots for boys!

This is one of my all-time faves, printed on linen.  I did use some for covering my recipe book.

I suspect I'll never stop collecting vintage fabric.  If the house ever burnt down I'd certainly be running for it:  kids, dogs, photos, fabric, in that order.


  1. We're sympatico Patsy (well as far as our love of vintage textiles and modernist architecture goes anyway!)

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Floreat Iwanoff. I'll see you at the Home Open on Sunday (if we win Lotto on Saturday night!)

  2. Lovey, I get it! I have cupboards full as well. I managed to turn some teatowels into cushions one day but that was it. Just can't bear to think of it cut. So I make my kids sleep on a lot of it so I can look at it anyway!

  3. Oh you know I get it! I have finally started to turn it into a business - it was either that or stop buying it as the house is bursting at the seams, and that was not an option! But I only sell bits that are big enough for me to sell a bit & keep a bit. It is lovely now, cause I can buy fabric as a job - amazing! Love the 3rd one down, and the last one with the pears - gorgeous! Rachel x

    1. Lucky you Rachel! What a great idea, to sell some and keep some. I think I'd still struggle though...

  4. I love the red window one and the racing cars, oh and ALL of them.Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful collection you have there...the third one down is my fave, all gorgeous though.

  6. Lovely! The pears are my favourite, though that house-windows red one is also lush!


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