In the thick of it

With all the best intentions of writing regular posts about the progress of our building renovation project, I appear to have written... er, almost none.   I know why that is, it's because the whole thing has been so crazy and at times totally traumatising I've stopped being able to crack jokes about living in a garage for 18 months, let alone pen pithy upbeat blogposts about the whole grueling affair.

However, I feel that I must today, stop the clock and make a visual record, as progress seems to be steaming along now, thank god, finally.  The sound of bandsaws is music to my ears (probably not so to the neighbours but that's karma as far as I'm concerned) and a streetfront that resembles the trade car park outside Bunnings fills me with peace and hope that there is a future beyond living in one room with my family forever.

... skip... four weeks.  LOL, I didn't even manage to get these pics up then.  Needless to say, lots has happened since then and I shall write more soon.  If I can muster the cheer required and get over the most recent drama of the plasterers, that is.  Don't ask.

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