The longest time

Lord, it's been so long since my last post.... you should see how much the garden has grown!

Nature is a wonderful thing, it just does its stuff all by itself.  It brings a joy that is the reward of patience and time lived.  Unlike building house extensions, which does not.  That requires vast amounts of cold hard cash.  Yes well, we're working on that one, which is slowing things down somewhat.  But as you can see, we have made quite a bit of progress, from the outside anyway. 

All the Victorian windows carted out from England ten years ago have gone in now, blended with what will be strips of modern louvres for ventilation.

And... I'm losing my sense of humour after now a year of living in a garage/studio, with no laundry, or privacy.  "Why are you whispering Mum, you know we can hear everything you are saying". 

A bit like waiting to give birth, some things seem to go on FOREVER.  Blahhh!

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  1. Looks great Patsy. House and garden. I like the curves in your zinc top-story.


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