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One of the things I love about the world of blog is that there are no rules.  For example, you've not bothered to post for, oooh, five months, but guess what, no one cares!  Few read them anyway!

After a blogging sabattical I can feel a few posts in my waters at the moment.  For those in the know, we have dragged ourselves through the pain and misery of getting phase two of our renovation project off the ground and are now rising from the ashes.  I suspect there will be plenty more pain and misery and financial hardship where that came from, but at least I can bring myself to tap away some reflection and general complaints.  I must be feeling better.   I've promised myself I won't go into detail here, but you can rearrange the words:   council, mean, expense, neighbour, stress, wanker   to get a general idea of where I would have been coming from.

Download image.jpeg (151.7 KB)Anyway, fast forward from the demolition of our lean-to kitchen and bathroom, and here we are with a brace of bricklayers in the backyard putting up the walls of our extension. It is lovely to watch. Well, maybe not that view, but the progeress is most pleasing and I may even allow myself to start thinking about frivolous things such as kitchen design and tiles.  And that's waaay before we get to the icing on the cake Kylie!

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  1. Hi Patsy, I have just read all of your newest posts. I will try to comment on them all in due course. Just saying.

    p.s. I have heard the same thing re bricklayers - none of them know how to lay bricks the old fashioned way anymore - these days they just bung 'em up and slather them in render! Not a fan of (although we have render on ours - it was done by an Italian immigrant in the 50's)

    p.p.s I am a big Brian Clopper fan,


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