The Landmark Trust own a stack of ancient buildings in England made available to the public for holiday accommodation.   Staying in one is a bit like sleeping in a museum.  Think blankets and sheets, toast racks, board games, a choice of tea pots.  Dishwasher, microwave, television, shower attachment for the bath, thou shalt not find.  Wifi? You're dreaming.

We booked The New Inn in Peasonhall Suffolk for a weekend to catch up with old friends made when we lived in these parts.  The venue included a medieval hall which, whilst being great for entertaining a crowd, as an unheated high ceilinged room, delivered an experience akin to a January dinner party for 20 in a chest freezer.  Coats were donned and we served lunch, then all scurried into the cosy adjoining sitting room with fire.

Upon waving friends goodbye, with husband fighting bad man-flu, I then spent the next four hours hand washing a mountain of dishes in a kitchen thar resembled a cupboard.   As much as I love a party, every time I have one I'm reminded how much I don't really, truth be told, enjoy having one.  Especially with no dishwasher.

Nevertheless, it was lovely to reconnect with old pals and pretend to be lady of the manor for a weekend.   Next time though I'll pre-order with our booking stack of paper plates and a six month time shift.

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