Fashion advice

Under virtually no circumstances would I attempt to give fashion advice. It seems that trends have now doubled back on themselves in ever decreasing circles that they now exist in a confused but liberated fizz. But that's not what I want to write about today.

I've recently indulged in a few days shopping in London's West End sans enfants, or husband. Being able to mooch through a string of shops without having to justify why I want to enter it, what I am planning on buying or how long I will linger is just bliss. I'm really struck by the sheer volume of cheap (so cheap!) clothing on offer.  You can shop yourself stupid for really not a lot of money, and there is something really quite gross about it.   Tempting as it is, more threads to squeeze into the wardrobe is really the last thing I need.  But shop I did, got some great bargains and enjoyed the guilty pleasure of consumption.  But no more!

What is also curious is the shortening lifespan of today's consumer brand.  When a once quite cool brand starts making iPhone covers you know its all over and no self respecting hipster going to want to be seen dead in it.   Who can keep up?

Probably just as well I'm not allowed to go shopping often, fashion is best left in the too hard basket for me these days.


  1. I agree with everything you've so cleverly written. Consumerism is rife. You can buy clothes for next-to-nothing now ... I question how manufacturers can make some items for the price they sell them. I think it's all part of the disposable society we've become. I long for quality rather than quantity. I'd prefer one handbag worth a fortune rather than a basket full of handbags worth much-less (for instance). Toodles.

    1. Touché. Don't get me started on the worry of where the supply chain buck stops... No doubt with some under rewarded machinist or retail worker. Less is most certainly more.


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