Well I'll be (Amster)dammed

Far from wanting to morph into a travel blog for the next six weeks ('here, look at my fascinating travel snaps'), the fact that we are a family on the road will mean that any posts for a while will be foreign-influenced and probably iPhone generated. At least they will be short.

The last time I was in Amsterdam I had a pretty good time. Let's just day the sort of good time that a pair of cranky jet lagged ten and twelve year olds being towed around in the rain don't facilitate.

We did however manage to squeeze into today a museum, beer in a gorgeous original very old bar and visit the sobering Anne Frank Huise. It was all good but the beer was definitely the highlight.

It is so refreshing to be somewhere where the patina of time is given the respect it deserves. I'm rejoicing in the glorious yet understated style that you only get in mainland northern continental Europe. That old combo of historical architecture and cutting edge contemporary design does it for me every time.

And then there's the bricks. (I can see a bit of a blog theme emerging here). Beautiful, teeny, clay bricks laid with a craftsman's precision 400 years ago abound. A wonder what our brickie would have made of that brief!


  1. OMG! Those bricks are teeny-tiny, I don't think many brickies here would go near them - unless you were using one of those boutique-type brickies (if there is such a thing - everything round ours is done on a budget so I'm only guessing there is...)
    I would rather be dammed in Amsterdam than roasted here in Perth (did you know it's going to be 40+ on Christmas Day?)
    I have just read your 'shoe' post. That is very special. All we've found is a few bits of broken china.
    Have a great Christmas Patsy, enjoy your hols.

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    2. Oh silly blogger removing my replies. Thanks Kylie, you too! Won't be missing the 40+ xmas day. Same, apart from shoe just lots of broken glass and china, I'm thinking about some sort of mosaic for the studio....


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