Faded not granduer

Another long blog silence here, soz.  Working three jobs and something(s, many of them) have slipped this year, including blogging.  Anyway on a whim I'm sharing this from an outing a few months back. 

The West Australian School for Deaf Children opened at Cottesloe Beach in 1899. It provided residential education for children from all over WA until about 20 years ago. A little bit of old Cottesloe, when it was a place for public investment into community services due to its healthy sea air.  They deaf crew still have control of the building but no one has lived there for years now, and it is somewhat set in aspic.   The government are dithering over what to do with it, but in the meantime opened it up to the public one day.  There's something wistful and a bit creepy about old institutional buildings, don't you think?

Exactly when did they stop making carpet that colour?
Must have got a job lot on that pink paint.
For fire, flick switch to ring bell.

Now that's a laundry.

A cup of tea and scone, don't mind if I do.

That's the ocean out there.

You can just hear that screen door slamming.

Ahh candlewick bedspreads.  Time for bed. 

Somewhat lacking in privacy, but a brilliant idea for bathing kids.


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